Software Developer Jobs in Norway

Overview of the Software Developer Jobs

The software development job market in Norway offers a range of opportunities with a strong demand for skilled professionals, particularly in Oslo’s growing startup ecosystem. The average annual salary for software developers is approximately NOK 690,000, with entry-level positions starting around NOK 480,000. Major sectors include ICT, oil and gas, and consultancy, with key employers like Evry, Tieto, and Telenor. While many positions require Norwegian language skills, startups are often more flexible. The industry also sees trends in outsourcing and insourcing due to cost and communication factors​.

The ICT industry in Norway is thriving, with a mix of local and outsourced work. Norwegian companies sometimes hire developers from countries with lower living costs while maintaining a local team for client interactions. This model is popular but facing challenges due to changing exchange rates and communication difficulties, leading some companies to insource their development work.

Software Developer Jobs​ Market Landscape​

Responsibilities of Software Developer in Norway

  1. Design and Development: Crafting, coding, and debugging software applications. This includes both front-end and back-end development depending on the specific role.

  2. System Architecture: Participating in system design and architecture discussions to create scalable and efficient systems.

  3. Project Management: Managing project timelines, delivering on deadlines, and maintaining documentation.

  4. Testing and Maintenance: Conducting rigorous testing, debugging, and ongoing maintenance of software applications to ensure reliability and performance.

  5. Collaboration: Working with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and other developers to achieve project goals.

  6. User Support: Providing technical support to users and clients, addressing bugs, and implementing updates based on feedback.

  7. Continuous Learning: Staying updated with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices in software development.

  8. Compliance and Security: Ensuring software compliance with relevant regulations and implementing robust security measures to protect data.

In addition to technical skills, effective communication and the ability to work collaboratively in diverse teams are crucial for success in these roles.

Skills Required for Software Developer

  1. Programming Languages: Proficiency in languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Swift.

  2. Frameworks and Libraries: Experience with frameworks such as Angular, React, Django, .NET, and Spring.

  3. Database Management: Knowledge of SQL, NoSQL databases, and data modeling.

  4. Software Development Methodologies: Familiarity with Agile, Scrum, and DevOps practices.

  5. Version Control Systems: Proficiency with Git and other version control systems.

  6. Cloud Services: Experience with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

  7. Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

  8. Communication and Collaboration: Excellent teamwork and communication abilities.

  9. Security Awareness: Understanding of cybersecurity principles and best practices.

  10. Continuous Learning: Ability to stay updated with new technologies and industry trends.

These skills are crucial for effectively developing, maintaining, and improving software applications in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Software Developer Vacancies in Large Norway Companies

Norway’s prominent companies frequently seek skilled software developers to join their teams. Here are some examples of such companies and the nature of the vacancies they offer:

  1. Telenor: A major telecom provider, Telenor often hires developers for roles focusing on network solutions, customer-facing applications, and cybersecurity.

  2. Evry (TietoEVRY): As a leading IT consultancy, they recruit developers for custom software solutions, IT infrastructure projects, and digital transformation services.

  3. DNB: Norway’s largest financial services group seeks developers for fintech projects, mobile banking apps, and secure transaction systems.

  4. Equinor: This energy giant hires software developers for roles in data analytics, simulation software, and digital tools supporting oil and gas operations.

  5. Aker Solutions: They look for developers specializing in industrial software, automation systems, and digital solutions for the engineering sector.

Top Norwegian Cities to Find Jobs Software Developer

  1. IT Jobs Oslo: The capital city is the tech hub of Norway, home to numerous startups, large tech companies, and consultancy firms like Telenor, DNB, and Evry. Oslo’s vibrant ecosystem offers a plethora of opportunities in various tech sectors.

  2. IT Jobs Bergen: Known for its strong maritime and energy industries, Bergen offers software development roles in companies like Equinor and various tech startups focusing on marine and environmental technologies.

  3. IT Jobs Trondheim: With a strong academic presence due to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim is a hotbed for innovation and research-driven software development roles.

  4. IT Jobs Stavanger: As the center of Norway’s oil and gas industry, Stavanger provides opportunities in energy tech, with companies like Aker Solutions seeking software developers for industrial and automation projects.

  5. IT Jobs Tromsø: This city is growing in the fields of Arctic technology and research, offering unique opportunities in software development related to environmental monitoring and scientific research.

Each of these cities offers a unique blend of industry focus, company presence, and lifestyle, making them attractive destinations for software developers seeking diverse career opportunities in Norway.

Software Developer Salary in Norway

Salaries for software developers in Norway are competitive and vary based on experience, education, and location:

  1. Entry-Level: Junior developers typically earn around NOK 480,000 to NOK 540,000 per year.
  2. Mid-Level: Developers with several years of experience earn between NOK 600,000 and NOK 700,000 annually.
  3. Senior-Level: Experienced developers and specialists can earn from NOK 800,000 to over NOK 1,000,000 annually.

Factors Influencing Salaries:

  • Experience: Salaries increase with experience. Developers with over 20 years of experience can earn around NOK 970,636.
  • Education: Those with master’s degrees or higher generally earn more, with master’s degree holders averaging NOK 889,241.
  • Location: Salaries vary by city. For example, in Oslo, the average salary is around NOK 806,829, while in Stavanger, it’s higher at approximately NOK 912,642.

Industry Insights:

  • Contract vs. Permanent: Contract developers tend to earn more, averaging around NOK 1,158,863, compared to permanent employees at NOK 794,619.
  • Sector Differences: Developers in specialized sectors like oil and gas or finance might earn higher salaries due to the industry’s demand for specific expertise.

These figures highlight the robust earning potential for software developers in Norway, influenced by experience, education, and the specific city or industry of employment.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Software Developer Job Market


  1. Language Barrier: Many positions require proficiency in Norwegian, limiting opportunities for non-speakers.
  2. High Competition: The tech sector’s attractiveness leads to high competition, especially for roles in major cities like Oslo.
  3. Cost of Living: Norway’s high cost of living can offset attractive salaries, making relocation decisions complex.
  4. Adapting to New Technologies: The rapid evolution of technology necessitates continuous learning and adaptation.


  1. High Demand: The tech industry in Norway is growing, with strong demand for skilled developers across various sectors.
  2. Competitive Salaries: Salaries are attractive, especially for experienced developers and those in specialized fields like fintech and oil and gas.
  3. Work-Life Balance: Norwegian companies often emphasize work-life balance, offering flexible working hours and remote work options.
  4. Innovation and Startups: Oslo’s burgeoning startup scene presents opportunities for innovation and growth, often with more flexible language requirements.

Overall, while there are challenges in terms of language and competition, the opportunities in Norway’s software development market, including high salaries and a strong demand for talent, make it a promising destination for tech jobs. Despite the need for proficiency in Norwegian and the competitive landscape, developers can benefit from Norway’s growing tech industry, attractive salaries, and focus on work-life balance. The dynamic tech jobs in Norway, especially within its vibrant startup ecosystem, offer significant potential for career growth and innovation.

Tips for Finding a Software Developer Jobs in Norway

  1. Leverage Job Portals: Use Norwegian job portals like,, and international platforms such as LinkedIn to search for “tech jobs Norway” regularly.
  2. Network Locally: Join local tech meetups and professional organizations like Tekna and NITO to connect with industry professionals.
  3. Learn Norwegian: Proficiency in Norwegian can significantly increase your job prospects, especially in smaller companies.
  4. Tailor Your CV: Highlight your experience with technologies and frameworks popular in Norway.
  5. Consider Startups: Norwegian startups often have more flexible language requirements and offer dynamic work environments.

Navigating the Norwegian job market can be challenging, but by leveraging job portals, networking, learning the language, tailoring your CV, and considering startups, you can find rewarding opportunities in Norway’s growing tech sector.

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