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Understanding the

Tech Job Market in Norway

Norway boasts decent working conditions and salaries, which extend to its technology sector. Focusing on digitalization and innovation, this country presents a promising landscape for professionals seeking IT opportunities. Experts here can select from an extensive range of Norway tech jobs in fresh startups or established enterprises, ensuring the perfect fit for their career aspirations.

it jobs in norway
tech jobs in norway


There are plenty of tech jobs Norway available in different sectors. The most prominent and sought-after industries include software development, data science, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

norway it jobs

Employment Trends and Future Prospects

Even though Norway has a high employment rate of almost 70% in 2023, the country still lacks competent talent. Given the numerous open vacancies, the prospects to locate Norway jobs IT are favorable.

norway tech jobs

Top Norwegian Tech Companies

IT experts aiming to work in Norway have an opportunity to find a job in the leading tech companies. Noteworthy ones include Telenor, Kahoot!, DNB, Cognite, and Computas.

Pivot Your Career with Tech Jobs in Norway

it jobs norway

Work-Life Balance

Innovation Hub

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Competitive Salaries

it jobs in norway for english speakers

Progressive Workplaces

When it comes to providing pure water for your family, nothing but the best will be done.

Opportunities for

IT Professionals in Norway

Working as an IT expert in Norway comes with exciting opportunities. High demand for skilled talent opens up numerous Norway IT jobs, from junior to executive positions. The specialists’ salaries are competitive and generally higher than in other European countries. On top of that, experts reach a well-maintained work-life balance, ensuring they have time for personal pursuits.

Norway’s innovation-driven environment and cutting-edge technologies make it a destination for IT professionals aiming to revolutionize the industry. Notably, the prominent tech hubs of Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim offer ecosystems for IT enthusiasts and their groundbreaking advancements. These cities are particularly attractive for those seeking Norway software engineer jobs due to their vibrant tech communities and numerous opportunities.


The bustling capital of Norway provides a wide range of tech positions and the major tech companies’ headquarters. IT jobs in Oslo Norway comprise software developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and IT project managers.



Rogaland, located in southwestern Norway, is renowned for its dramatic fjords, thriving cultural scene, and significant contributions to the oil and gas industry, as well as its rich history.

Møre og Romsdal

Møre og Romsdal, located in western Norway, is known for its coastal landscapes, deep fjords, and a strong maritime heritage, along with vibrant economic activities in a fishing, and tourism centered around towns like Ålesund and Molde.



Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway, is known for its vast wilderness, indigenous Sami culture, and the spectacular Northern Lights, with key economic activities including fishing, reindeer herding, and tourism centered around natural attractions like the North Cape and the Varanger Peninsula.



Troms, located in northern Norway, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including fjords, mountains, and the Northern Lights, as well as a rich cultural heritage and vibrant cities like Tromsø, which is known as the "Gateway to the Arctic" and a hub for education, research.


Trøndelag, located in central Norway, is renowned for its diverse landscapes that range from stunning coastlines to dense forests. The region boasts a rich Viking heritage and vibrant cultural life, with Trondheim as its main city, serving as a hub for education, technology, and culture.


Vestland, located in western Norway, is known for its dramatic fjords, majestic mountains, and vibrant cultural heritage. The region includes key cities like Bergen, a cultural hub and gateway to the fjords, and is a major center for the maritime industry, aquaculture, and tourism. Vestland boasts a rich history, diverse landscapes perfect for outdoor activities, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Telemark, located in southeastern Norway, is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and significant historical sites. The region is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the iconic Telemark Canal, dense forests, and rolling hills. Telemark is also a hub for traditional Norwegian crafts and folklore, with a strong legacy in skiing history.


Agder, located in southern Norway, is renowned for its picturesque coastline, charming coastal towns, and rich maritime heritage. The region includes the cities of Kristiansand and Arendal, which are major centers for commerce, culture, and tourism. Agder's diverse landscape features beautiful beaches, lush forests, and scenic archipelagos, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities.


Vestfold, located in southeastern Norway, is known for its beautiful coastline along the Oslofjord, rich Viking history, and charming coastal towns. The region boasts several well-preserved historical sites, including ancient burial mounds and the famous Oseberg ship, which highlight its significant Viking heritage. Vestfold is also an important area for maritime activities, shipbuilding, and agriculture. The county's picturesque landscapes, including beaches and rolling hills, make it a popular destination for outdoor recreation and tourism


Innlandet, located in southeastern Norway, is known for its vast natural landscapes, including forests, mountains, and lakes. The region is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities such as hiking, skiing, and fishing. Innlandet boasts a rich cultural heritage with numerous historical sites, traditional farms, and wooden stave churches. The area is also significant for its agricultural production, forestry, and tourism. Key towns such as Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, and Hamar.


Viken, located in southeastern Norway, is a diverse and vibrant region that encompasses both urban and rural areas. It includes significant cities such as Oslo, Drammen, and Fredrikstad, offering a blend of cultural, economic, and historical attractions. Viken is characterized by its scenic landscapes, including lush forests, rolling hills, and a picturesque coastline along the Oslofjord. The region has a rich historical heritage, with numerous archaeological sites and historical landmarks. Viken is also an IT hub, with strong industries in technology, manufacturing, and maritime activities,.



Akershus, a region in southeastern Norway, surrounds the capital city of Oslo and is known for its rich history and diverse landscapes. The area features a mix of urban and rural environments, with picturesque countryside, forests, and lakes. Akershus is home to many historical landmarks, including the medieval Akershus Fortress, which offers a glimpse into Norway's past.


Østfold, located in southeastern Norway, is known for its rich historical heritage, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant economy. The region features a mix of coastal areas, forests, and agricultural land. Østfold is home to numerous historical sites, including ancient fortresses, Viking burial mounds, and medieval churches.


Nordland, located in northern Norway, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including dramatic fjords, rugged mountains, and the picturesque Lofoten Islands. The region boasts a rich cultural heritage with historical sites dating back to the Viking era and vibrant communities preserving traditional crafts, customs, and maritime traditions.

Tech Jobs in Norway for English Speakers and Foreigners

IT jobs in Norway for English speakers are on the rise, creating career options for foreigners willing to work in the country’s IT sector. Many Norwegian companies value international talent and actively recruit English-speaking professionals to join their teams. Communication burdens are minimal, as English proficiency is widespread throughout the country. Still, Norwegian language knowledge increases the chances of successful employment. When venturing into Norway IT jobs for foreigners, there are two things to consider: the application process and visa requirements.

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Application Process

Landing IT jobs in Norway for foreigners is similar to other European countries. The application process typically involves submitting a comprehensive CV, cover letter, and relevant documentation like a residence permit. Then, the candidates go through interviews and negotiate the work conditions.

Jobs Listing

Find the Best IT Jobs in Norway

Explore the plentiful options in the dynamic IT jobs Norway landscape, where innovation meets growth, and take the next leap toward a successful career.

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Specific Developer Roles in Norway​

There are various tech jobs in Norway, concentrating on different areas of development and demanding unique skill sets and expertise. Professionals opting for IT roles must combine their technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and soft skills to excel in the industry. Software engineering jobs in Norway are highly sought after, offering opportunities in diverse sectors such as fintech, healthcare, and telecommunications. The most common employment options include the following:

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Software Engineer Jobs in Norway

Software engineer or software developer jobs in Norway involve building and maintaining various software systems. Java, C++, or Python proficiency is essential.

Backend Developer Jobs in Norway

These developer jobs in Norway involve building applications using the Backend programming language. Spring and Hibernate frameworks and database systems knowledge are critical.

Frontend Developer Jobs in Norway

These jobs involve building user interfaces for apps, websites, and other software systems. Skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React or Vue.js are necessary.

IT Project Manager Jobs in Norway

IT Project Manager jobs in Norway offer opportunities to lead and manage tech projects in cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim within the dynamic Norwegian tech industry.

Cybersecurity Specialist Jobs in Norway

Cybersecurity Specialist jobs in Norway involve protecting IT infrastructure and data from cyber threats, with opportunities available in major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim within Norway's robust tech industry.

IT Consultant Jobs in Norway

IT Consultant jobs in Norway involve advising businesses on optimizing their IT systems and processes within the country's dynamic tech industry.

QA Engineer Jobs in Norway

QA Engineer jobs in Norway focus on ensuring the quality and reliability of software products, with positions available in key cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger within the country's innovative tech sector.

Data Analyst Jobs in Norway

Data Analyst jobs in Norway involve interpreting complex data sets to help businesses make informed decisions within the country's thriving tech industry.

DevOps Engineer Jobs in Norway

DevOps Engineer jobs in Norway involve bridging the gap between development and operations by automating and optimizing processes within the tech industry.

developer jobs in norway

Navigating the

Norwegian Tech Job Market in English

Exploring the Norwegian tech labor market as a non-Norwegian speaker can be lucrative if approached correctly. Networking with industry professionals and leveraging online job portals can significantly increase your chances of finding expat jobs in Norway. Discover the following recommendations that are helpful in locating IT jobs Norway English:

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