Backend Developer Jobs in Norway

Overview of the Backend Developer Jobs

Backend developer jobs in Norway are crucial to the tech industry, focusing on the server-side of web applications. These roles involve designing and maintaining the server, database, and application logic that power the front end of websites and applications.

Backend Developer Jobs​ Market Landscape​

Responsibilities of Backend Developer in Norway

Backend developers in Norway play a critical role in the development and maintenance of server-side logic, databases, and integration of front-end elements. Here are their key responsibilities:

  1. Server-Side Logic: Writing and maintaining efficient server-side code using programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js.
  2. Database Management: Designing, implementing, and managing databases to ensure secure and efficient data storage and retrieval.
  3. API Development: Creating and maintaining RESTful and GraphQL APIs for seamless communication between front-end and back-end systems.
  4. Integration: Ensuring smooth integration of front-end components with the back-end infrastructure.
  5. Performance Optimization: Enhancing the performance, scalability, and reliability of server-side applications.
  6. Security Implementation: Implementing robust security measures to protect applications and data from threats and vulnerabilities.
  7. Collaboration: Working closely with front-end developers, designers, and product managers to deliver cohesive and effective solutions.
  8. Maintenance and Updates: Regularly updating and maintaining the server-side applications to ensure they remain functional and efficient.
  9. Problem-Solving: Troubleshooting and resolving issues that arise during development or in production environments.
  10. Documentation: Writing detailed documentation for the server-side code, APIs, and database schemas to ensure maintainability and scalability.

These responsibilities require a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with other team members.

Skills Required for Backend Developer

Backend developers in Norway need a diverse set of skills to effectively handle server-side operations, database management, and system integrations. Here are the key skills required:

  1. Programming Languages: Proficiency in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js is essential for backend development.

  2. Frameworks: Experience with backend frameworks like Django, Spring, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js.

  3. Database Management: Strong understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

  4. API Development: Skills in creating and maintaining RESTful and GraphQL APIs for communication between front-end and back-end systems.

  5. Version Control: Proficiency with Git for version control and collaboration on codebases.

  6. Performance Optimization: Ability to optimize server-side applications for speed, scalability, and reliability.

  7. Security Practices: Knowledge of security protocols and best practices to protect data and applications.

  8. Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve issues effectively.

  9. Collaboration: Good communication and teamwork skills to work effectively with front-end developers, designers, and product managers.

  10. Documentation: Ability to write clear and comprehensive documentation for code, APIs, and database schemas.

These skills ensure that backend developers can build robust, scalable, and secure applications, contributing to the overall success of the projects they work on.

Backend Developer Vacancies in Large Norway Companies


Industry: Financial Services Opportunities: DNB seeks backend developers for their online banking platforms, focusing on secure transaction systems, data integration, and performance optimization.


Industry: Energy (Oil & Gas) Opportunities: Equinor hires backend developers to support their digital transformation initiatives, including data analytics, simulation software, and operational efficiency tools.

Aker Solutions

Industry: Engineering and Technology Opportunities: Aker Solutions offers roles for backend developers in industrial software, automation systems, and digital engineering solutions.


Industry: Media and Online Marketplaces Opportunities: Schibsted hires backend developers for their digital products, working on scalable web applications, data management, and API development.

By focusing on these large companies, backend developers can find rewarding opportunities in Norway’s thriving tech industry, contributing to innovative projects across various sectors.

Top Norwegian Cities to Find Jobs Backend Developer

Norway offers numerous opportunities for backend developers, with several cities standing out as key hubs for tech jobs. Here’s an overview of the top Norwegian cities to find backend developer positions:

1. IT Jobs Oslo

Introduction: As the capital city, Oslo is the largest tech hub in Norway, offering diverse opportunities for backend developers.


  • Home to major companies like Telenor, DNB, and Schibsted.
  • Vibrant startup ecosystem.
  • High demand for skilled professionals across various industries.

2. IT Jobs Bergen

Introduction: Known for its strong maritime and energy sectors, Bergen provides unique opportunities for backend developers in these industries.


  • Key employers include Equinor and several tech startups.
  • Focus on digital transformation in traditional industries.
  • Growing tech community and support for innovation.

3. IT Jobs Trondheim

Introduction: With a strong academic presence due to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim is a center for innovation and research.


  • Collaboration between tech companies and research institutions.
  • Opportunities in cutting-edge technology projects.
  • Presence of major companies and innovative startups.

4. IT Jobs Stavanger

Introduction: As the center of Norway’s oil and gas industry, Stavanger offers specialized opportunities for backend developers in energy tech.


  • Employers like Aker Solutions focus on industrial applications and automation.
  • Strong demand for tech professionals in the energy sector.
  • High salaries and career growth potential.

5. IT Jobs Tromsø

Introduction: Located in the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is emerging as a hub for Arctic technology and environmental research.


  • Opportunities in environmental monitoring and scientific research.
  • Growing tech startup scene focusing on Arctic solutions.
  • Unique work environment with a focus on sustainability.

These cities offer diverse and rewarding opportunities for backend developers, from established companies to innovative startups. Each city has its unique strengths, making Norway an attractive destination for tech professionals looking to advance their careers in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Backend Developer Salary in Norway

Salaries for backend developers in Norway are competitive and vary based on experience, industry, and location. Here’s a detailed overview:


  • Salary Range: NOK 500,000 to NOK 600,000 annually
  • Description: Junior backend developers typically earn this range, reflecting their starting experience and skills.


  • Salary Range: NOK 700,000 to NOK 850,000 annually
  • Description: Developers with several years of experience and a strong skill set in backend development fall into this category.


  • Salary Range: NOK 900,000 to over NOK 1,000,000 annually
  • Description: Experienced and senior backend developers, often with specialized skills and leadership roles, can earn higher salaries.

Overall, the backend developer job market in Norway is lucrative, reflecting the high demand for skilled professionals in tech jobs. With competitive salaries, especially in major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger, backend developers find rewarding opportunities across various industries, including finance, energy, and technology. The focus on work-life balance and additional benefits like health insurance and pension plans make tech jobs in Norway particularly attractive to backend developers looking to advance their careers in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Backend Developer Job Market


  1. Language Barrier: Proficiency in Norwegian is often required, especially for roles in smaller companies or client-facing positions.
  2. High Competition: The demand for tech jobs in Norway attracts many skilled professionals, leading to a competitive job market.
  3. Rapid Technological Changes: Keeping up with the latest backend technologies and frameworks requires continuous learning and adaptation.
  4. Cost of Living: High living costs in major cities like Oslo can offset the benefits of competitive salaries.


  1. High Demand: There is a robust demand for backend developers across various sectors, including finance, energy, and technology.
  2. Competitive Salaries: Backend developers enjoy attractive salaries, especially those with specialized skills and experience.
  3. Work-Life Balance: Norwegian companies prioritize work-life balance, offering flexible working hours and remote work options.
  4. Innovation and Growth: Cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim have vibrant tech ecosystems, providing ample opportunities for career advancement and involvement in innovative projects.

Overall, while there are challenges related to language proficiency, competition, and living costs, the backend developer job market in Norway offers significant opportunities due to high demand, competitive salaries, and a supportive work environment.

Tips for Finding a Backend Developer Jobs in Norway

  • Utilize Job Portals: Regularly visit Norwegian job sites like and, and international platforms like LinkedIn to find backend developer vacancies.
  • Network Effectively: Engage in local tech communities through meetups, conferences, and professional groups such as Tekna and NITO to build connections.
  • Customize Your Resume: Highlight relevant experience and skills tailored to backend development roles, emphasizing technologies used in Norway like Java, Python, and PostgreSQL.
  • Showcase Your Work: Develop a strong portfolio with detailed case studies of your backend projects, demonstrating your expertise in server-side logic, API development, and database management.
  • Learn Norwegian: While many tech jobs in Norway are in English, learning Norwegian can significantly enhance your employability, especially for smaller companies or client-facing roles.
  • Explore Diverse Opportunities: Consider roles in both startups and large corporations. Startups offer dynamic environments, while established companies provide stability and growth prospects.
  • Stay Current: Keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in backend technologies by engaging in continuous learning and professional development.
  • Leverage Social Media: Follow key companies and industry groups on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to stay updated on job openings and industry trends.
  • Consult Recruitment Agencies: Partner with agencies specializing in tech placements to gain insights and access to exclusive job opportunities in the Norwegian market.
  • Prepare Thoroughly for Interviews: Anticipate common interview questions for backend roles and prepare detailed responses that highlight your technical skills and project experiences. Practice explaining how your background aligns with the company’s needs.

By incorporating these strategies, you can enhance your chances of landing a rewarding backend developer job in Norway’s thriving tech industry.

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